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Transforming financial
product and policy 
for the

Human insights at market scale

6 countries  |  34 segments  |  1.98 billion people to serve

The Human Account is a public 
information resource and tool aimed at
enabling better design of products and policies
to help people live a healthier financial life.


  Around the world, whether rich or poor, we all share similar goals for our financial lives: security and the opportunity to create a better future for ourselves and our loved ones. Yet, nearly 3 billion people lack access to affordable, high quality financial services, whether credit to start a business or insurance to cover an emergency. Despite the hype, cheap, digital bank accounts have had little impact on people's lives: most don't use them.


Service providers, policymakers, researchers and practitioners can use The Human Account in many ways, whether applying the insights from the 34 unique segments to deepen understanding of people's financial lives and inspire product and policy innovation, using our predictive survey tools to understand existing customers' needs, or leveraging the data to test the impact of policies and programs. 


78 in-depth qualitative user profiles and 6 national datasets representing 11,500 respondents, and describing the financial

lives of 1.98 billion people.


​ Robust data analysis, integrated qualitative profiles and insights,

and video documentaries bringing 

to life 34 unique segments 

in 6 country reports.


Learn about our approach built around the concept of financial health and our three-dimensional framework to better understand people's financial lives.


Watch the segment documentaries, download the country reports, 

dataset, full survey and

predictive survey instruments,

and our HCD toolkit.


A world that designs

for financial health  

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