Pakistan Women



Social Optimists

young, open-minded, planning-oriented
17% of adult female population  |  10.6 million 

Conservative Individualists

traditional, struggling, independent
12% of adult female population  |  7.5 million

Careful Strivers

diligent, investment-minded, financially stressed

38% of adult female population  |  23.9 million

Confident Planners

effective, conscientious, investment-minded

17% of adult female population  |  10.7 million

Networked Elites

moderate, confident, wealthy

17% of adult female population  |  16.2 million

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Local partners are Lagos Business School in Nigeria, Ashoka University in India, not-for-profit development finance company, Karandaaz in Pakistan, and research and advisory firm, Busara Center for Behavioral Economics in Kenya.