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Video Portraits


Pragmatic Providers

19% of Pakistan  |  24.5 million people
present-minded, self-reliant, resilient


Watch Malang's

Short Documentary

“We are just earning to fill our bellies. I hope our children will grow up, have jobs, and be free of all this.”

Modest Uphoalders

41% of Pakistan  |  52.8 million people
aspiring, deliberate, scrupulous


Watch Sadia's

Short Documentary

“My husband cannot be bothered with the dramas and expenses of the household.”

Communal Elites

21% of Pakistan  |  27.1 million people
trusting, open-minded, wealthy


Watch Fahad's

Short Documentary

“A lot of people from my neighborhood rely on me. And when they need me, I help.”

Careful Hustlers

19% of Pakistan  |  24.4 million people
confident, disciplined, investment-minded


Watch Karan's

Short Documentary

"Because we don’t have our own house, we’re depending on others, and we have to do favors for the landlord."



18% of Indians |  174 million people
traditional, independent, responsible


Watch Suman's

Short Documentary

“I just want stability in my life. This means a better job, education for my children, and savings if there are funds left over.”


16% of Indians |  155 million people
optimistic , open, entrepreneurial


Watch Laxmi's

Short Documentary

“ I like making things, I like selling them; and when I make a profit, I like that too.”


21% of Indians |  203 million people
religious, familial, traditional


Watch Sangeetha's

Short Documentary

“I don’t know about banking. My husband is here, he takes care of payments.”


10% of Indians |  97 million people
skeptical, religious, conservative


Watch Malleshwam's

Short Documentary

"When there was a drought, I didn’t know if I had enough for my family to have 1 meal per day."


19% of Indians |  184 million people
networked, tech-savvy, effective


Watch Arnab's

Short Documentary

“Things I don’t dream about yet today will become dreams as I climb higher. Financial success is a never-ending process.”


16% of Indians |  155 million people
young, curious, ambitious


Watch Puja's

Short Documentary

“I want to stand on my own two feet and show everyone that I am doing something or other for everyone, no matter how small it is.”



Reliable Planners

35% of Myanmarese |  13.8  million people
conscientious, hopeful, community-oriented


Watch Dedan's

Short Documentary

“Within my community of farmers, the monthly system of loan payments is a burden for us, and doesn’t match our livelihoods.”

Community Entrepreneurs

28% of Myanmarese |  11.1 million people
diligent, confident, community-oriented


Watch Hayma's

Short Documentary

“I lend to help others out in the community. They can’t borrow for that low of an interest rate elsewhere.”

Cautious Individualists

16% of Myanmarese |  6.3 million people
self-reliant, adaptive, stability-seeking


Watch Aung's

Short Documentary

“Usually it’s the husband who gives orders and manages the money, but I don’t like that. In our family, my husband earns money, and I manage it.”

Determined Hustlers

21% of Myanmarese |  8.3 million people
dynamic, driven, aspiring


Watch Htun's

Short Documentary

"When our income gets higher, we can become more disciplined. At our current level, we have to tap into our savings."



Traditional Believers

12% of Nigerians |  12.8 million people
religious, familial, conservative


Watch Wunmi's

Short Documentary

“When I need help, I go to my pastors.
They have the will and have given me support.”

Digital Youth

19% of Nigerians |  20.2 million people
conscientious, future-oriented, open-minded


Watch Tosin's

Short Documentary

“I want to be stable first, because when you have stability you move on and grow.”

Dependent Individualists

22% of Nigerians |  23.5 million people
young, measured, effective


Watch Amaka's

Short Documentary

“I can’t get all the stability in life but I’d like some for my children to begin with and then slowly get more...”

Resilient Savers

21% of Nigerians |  22 million people
respectful, sociable, prepared


Watch Yomi's

Short Documentary

"Things will change when I start working. I want to go to acting school, I want to build a house in my village."

Confident Optimists

14% of Nigerians |  14.9 million people
open-minded, tech-savvy, planners


Watch Victoria's

Short Documentary

“To start a business you need money and a plan for what to do. I’ve thought about starting a pedicure specialist place. There’s nothing like that in Lagos.”

Questioning Cultivators

12% of Nigerians |  13 million people
self-confident, steadfast, skeptical


Watch Chigozie's

Short Documentary

“There are so many people in my village I have to help, but I can’t always provide support and that pains me.”



Confident Builders

28% of Kenyans |  8.2  million people
open-minded, conscientious, investors


Watch Vincent's

Short Documentary

“I like being independent. You struggle on your own. I have learned through experience that you can survive in all conditions.”

Educated Elites

22% of Kenyans |  6.5 million people
confident, connected, planners


Watch Nyongesa's

Short Documentary

“Where we live, life is not an island. If they make it, I make it. We learn from each other.”

Resilient Cultivators

25% of Kenyans |  7.4 million people
social, trusting, planners


Watch Marion's

Short Documentary

“There are no times we keep
our hands empty – we plant.”

Communal Pragmatists

25% of Kenyans |  7.4 million people
dependent, confident, planners


Watch Scovia's

Short Documentary

"When I plan better, I save and then move on. I don’t want to be in a job forever. I want to know how long."



Vulnerable Individualists

20% of Tanzanians |  6.2 million people


Watch Elizabeth's

Short Documentary

Community Pillars

17% of Tanzanians |  5.2 million people


Watch Josephina's

Short Documentary

Connected Aspirants

17% of Tanzanians |  5.4 million people


Watch Saleem's

Short Documentary

Reliant Strivers

21% of Tanzanians |  6.6  million people


Watch Asia's

Short Documentary

Established Elites

14% of Nigerians |  14.9 million people


Watch Plasidi's

Short Documentary

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