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Escape from Seattle!

We'll always have Lake Inle...

We finally did it! After 21 months, 78 interviews and 5.5 million data points Dave joined us in Myanmar for an amazing design research trip with our friendly video crew to meet some of the humans behind The Human Account. Needless to say it was a total blast to hang out with our favorite client in a place as magical as Lake Inle. Here are just a few highlights:

Some of the amazing humans that we met...


Reliable Planners

Community Entrepreneurs

"I really enjoyed meeting Dave, but he was a bit late to my interview. Are you sure he is reliable enough to give all that money away?"

“I think Dave should quit his job and start a photo safari business in Myanmar. He could have a lot more fun and live very well here at Lake Inle.”


Cautious Individualists

Determined Hustlers

“Dave seems nice, but he would 

not be very useful on a farm.

I feel very sorry for his family.”

"Dave really likes to talk with people. I am glad

that he is not a betel nut salesman as he

would put me out of business."

Thanks for being a fantastic client, 

partner & friend to our team!

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