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6 countries  |  35 segments  |  1.8 billion people to serve

Join us on October 25th for the launch of a groundbreaking research to better understand and design financial services for the underserved using a unique approach to customer segmentation.


Ramscale Studio | 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
463 West Street, Penthouse
New York, NY 10014

Research based in:
India | Kenya | Myanmar | Nigeria | Pakistan | Tanzania 

What is The Human Account?

 The underbanked are not a single customer group. To successfully grow financial services in emerging markets, we must deeply understand the nuanced and innovative financial behaviors, mindsets, social tools of individual customers.


The Human Account unlocks those stories at scale, revealing the contextual, behavioral, and psychological dimensions of financial lives in these markets.


This rich new dataset has the potential to shift how financial service providers target investments in emerging consumer markets, develop product and service offerings, as well as programs, policies, and regulations to better address the needs of the underserved.

“Lelu advised me to take the loan. She told me not to be afraid to borrow from the bank because it will give me money discipline and help me grow my business so I don’t get stuck depending on my current earnings and savings.”

The world we envision where...

New data and grounded analysis drive a textured, nuanced and differentiated understanding of consumers and systems in emerging economies.

Offerings (strategies, products, messages, and channels) are tailored
to develop and seize untapped opportunities that are tailored to the needs
of underserved customers and make a lasting difference in their lives.

“Where we live, life is not an island. If they make it, I make it. We learn from each other."

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